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Affordable specialist for all related to computers - servers - software - internet - routers - wifi and consulting.

As a former headchef that has worked in luxurious restaurants and large hotels I know what is important and understand what happens in and around the food and hotel-industry.

Need someone with affinity with your business, a personal touch? Need a new website/design?

Have a look below or go directly to the contact page

Phoenix-IT for restaurants, bars, hotels

and small businesses











Small Roots, Big Business

i Began small with some projects and support for befriended companies and the restaurants I used to work for, I acquired the skills I needed when it comes to computers. Where the most IT managers are orientated towards big companies with the matching price tag, I try to fill the gap for the smaller companies who are left behind and don`t want the "premium/high" price.


Self taught - Discrete - Responsive - Photographer - Videographist - Flexible



Personal contact and clear agreements are vital for a solid cooperation, I will try to do my best to resolve issues as fast as possible to minimize downtime. Giving a clear explanation in normal understandable English and not in computer lingo is also a part of  my service towards you. That`s my Mission. 24/7!

My Mission

Some additional work projects

Promotional video for the BMW F800GS.

Self shot and edited, with custom created intros and end title screen.

As photography and cinema are one of my hobbies im happy to oblige in any photo or filming you need,

in addition to editing and photoshopping the product to ensure maximum quality and flexibilty.

In addition to all else I also create digital animated movies.

As seen from the above video a lot is possible, like seasonal greetings,

promotional movies or training movies.

These projects usually take a bit of time so thinking ahead is a must.

Custom animated video

More projects below

Promo video BMW F800GS





Webdesign / building

I build many sites for a variety of different businesses, the site you

are currently on is also a own design, a one page site with parallax scrolling.

Want your site updated to something more modern or clearer?

From standard multipage to full video background sites that are easy to change once they are

uploaded to your host through a webbased utility.






Server Management

Management of Microsoft servers, installing new servers and setting up exchange email, useraccounts, Sql, printers and backups.


Security on computers are often out of date, or just not adequate anymore. Protection is important to safeguard your files and have the least downtime on pcs. Restrict access to the internet, block certain filetypes and implement time policies.

Computer Help

Did your pc /server crash on you?

I will try to fix the issue and get the system up and running as quickly as possible.

Don`t understand your software, let me explain.


Proper software installation and setup is key for a smooth running business.

Installing and making sure all functions work and run without a hitch saves time and money. Backup software and setup to ensure the safety of your files.



Virus Removal

Are your pcs getting slower over time?

Chances are great that one or more of your pcs are infected with malware or viruses.

In time pcs get cluttered up with old files, unwanted registry items and old userprofiles.


Need help with what to get for hardware, upgrades or software?

Got a Quote from your supplier but want it checked out for integrity and value/price?

I`ll be happy to provide a second opinion on the quote and offer a realistic answer.

Contact Info


Phone: +31(0)654384294

Julianakade 90 - 1972PP IJmuiden - The Netherlands


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